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Testimonials, comments and references about Language Opportunity | Language Opportunity Testimonials about Language Opportunity : Language Opportunity
The Language Opportunity Blog

Testimonials about Language Opportunity

Blog Cadiz


“We picked Language Opportunity in Cadiz as a Summer adventure for our 17 year old daughter who will sit Spanish A-level in June and we sent her 13 year old brother, who spoke no Spanish at all, as a travel mate. We were all nervous but the great level of communication I had with the organiser beforehand reassured me that good care would be taken of our children.

Their flight arrived very late at night but they were collected at the airport, as arranged,  by the organisers/teachers. They drove them to the home of their host family, who had similar aged children. The host family were delightful and made my children feel not just welcome, but really part of the family, and they devoted themselves to providing superb accommodation and wonderful food. My kids really enjoyed making really strong friendship bonds with their kids and were delighted to join in their social life too, which continued into the late evening.  It certainly was a full language immersion experience as they were spoken to in Spanish by everyone throughout their stay, and my daughter got some good translation practice in for her brother too.

I had been worried that our son would not cope with the lessons, which we had learned would be on a “one to one” basis that particular week. In fact it worked brilliantly and he found the lessons great fun. They seemed to know how to make learning appeal to youngsters and both of my children grew very fond of both of their teachers. They were delighted that the teachers came out with them in the afternoons to play sport or go on a trip and they continued to teach them about Spanish culture and gave them more language tips throughout the day.

In my kids’ own words, their trip with Language Opportunity “could not have been better”. I have not heard one critical word from them at all and they appear to have made really strong bonds with their host family and their teachers. Our son has probably learned as much Spanish as they would learn in a whole year at school and has picked up a very convincing accent. My daughter has got over her shyness in speaking Spanish and said it felt strange to speak English when she got back. I am sure there will be future visits to see Esther and Angel and their host family. Maybe we will go too…

I can heartily recommend Language Opportunity as a safe but exciting way to learn Spanish, make friends and experience total language immersion.”


“My name is Concha and I am 25. I finished my Special Education Teaching Degree in Seville.

Two years ago, I decided to embark on a new adventure, which I wanted to make with the help of Language Opportunity. I decided to leave Spain and go England to improve my English. I imagine that many of you that are thinking to go abroad will have many questions such as … Why to be an Au Pair? … Well, I think it is the best option to improve a language, because you live in a real home environment where you assume roles, responsibilities and meeting a lot of people (parents, teachers, neighbours and many new friends).

Concha niñaBrighton was my destiny. Exciting city where you breathe: art, tranquillity, peace, music, … Language Opportunity arranged several interviews with families. One of them chose me. I lived with them for a year and I still keep in touch with family.

The work is nice, allow you to study and have a quality life. I decided to go with Language Opportunity because I needed to be safe; they supported me at all times. I think it is the best investment I ever made​​. I am very happy with the result of experience. I would definitely repeat it.

It is a safe way to live elsewhere in the world, learn a language, and improve many personal and professional skills.”


“Last summer (2013), I had the opportunity to experience one of the best experiences of my life. For two weeks I lived in a host family in London. At first, they were all doubt… But at the end, it was not only all right, but it was much better than I had expected.

My ‘host family’ was great. On the first day, I met many friends of different nationalities, such as Italians, Germans, Poles, Dutch and Spanish too. Every day in the morning we visited the city, something that I really liked it. Later it was time for the lessons, and I think they were the best hours of the day… What a great time I spent in those classes … so much fun.

The first week went fast, but the second … when I realized it was over. I lived many experiences, I feel more confident with the language and I met many friends that I still in contact. Definitely a trip to repeat and recommended for everyone.”


“My name is Rebecca Escallon, I am 25 and I am from Madrid, where I studied Media and Communication. I currently live in London and work as a nanny while improving my English.

Rebeca Escallon residenciaWhen I was granted a MEC scholarship, the first thing I did was getting in touch with other candidates and we formed a group. We knew that Language Opportunity was the best option.

They picked us up at the station, took us to the hall of residence and explained how to move around the city, get the travel pass and reach the school. These are things that at first may seem easy but when you look at a big city and you realize that the English you learned in Spain (even advanced levels) is not enough because we do not understand anything, you thank for having booked an intensive course with professional people. My experience was so good that I have not yet returned and I keep in touch after more than a year. 


“The school was great as well as the activity leaders. The teachers were very good, making the lessons very entertaining. The host family was also excellent cause they made my stay very comfortable.

About the agency (Language Opportunity), I’m very happy because I knew that at any moment I could ask them for help as they are always there supporting you.

It was an unforgettable experience that I will repeat. I have met many wonderful people of different nationalities, something that has also opened my mind about other cultures. Thanks for everything.”


“Hi, my name is Angel, I am 24 years-old and I currently live in London. The main reasons that took me to come here was to improve my English skills and have an experience abroad.

Angel Porto photoDue to the uncertainty of how to start this new phase, I went to Language Opportunity for advice. The result could not be more satisfying. We were in contact at all times.

I recommend Language Opportunity to everyone who wanted to travel abroad because of their friendly, honesty and dedication as well as their support. Thanks to them I was able to start this new adventure.”

The students of the High School Los Alcores who made that travel to London in June 2013, along with their parents,


to do everything for making the trip an enriching, enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

Mairena del Alcor, September 2, 2013.


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