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Summer Camp & Language Immersion in Costa Ballena, Cadiz, Spain (photo gallery)

Our Summer Camp and Language Immersion Programme are an enjoyable and exciting way for teenagers (aged 12-17) to learn Spanish in Costa Ballena, Cadiz, a land of sun and beautiful sandy beaches; truly, a bringing together of the best of Spain.

Our Spanish and British students lived and studied together in Costa Ballena, benefiting from not only an improvement in another language but also from an international relationship.

Find below some pictures of our Spanish and British students during our social programme (summer 2014), which includes excursions as well as cultural, sporting, and other fun activities designed to keep the students inspired at all times.

They really had an amazing time on holiday while learning a language. An exceptional and educational trip that the students will always remember.

Language Immersion in Spain - Tour by bike Costa Ballena CadizLanguage Immersion in Costa Ballena - British & Spanish studentsLanguage Immersion in Costa Ballena - Catamaran to CadizLanguage Immersion in Costa Ballena Spain- Catamaran to CadizLanguage Immersion in Costa Ballena - Day trip to CadizLanguage Immersion in Costa Ballena Spain - Day trip to Cadiz 2Language Immersion in Costa Ballena Spain - Studets in CadizAlberto the happiest boy everFrancisco born to winListen to the referee. Out means out!A marvelous evening in the beach! A very intensive match guysYour go... Will he score a goal... What a great team! Spain and Wales had never been closer. The final The best way to learn Spanish Thank you for coming Jenny Bernal ;-) Spain is waiting for you Lucy Making new friends - Language Immersion in Costa Ballena, Cádiz Looking forward to seeing you next summer Alberto! Language Immersion in Spain - Badminton tournament Juanki the king of the sun in Costa Ballena Jesús and James the Badminton Champios James I can see you were exhausted Francisco born to win Football champions Congratulations James, looking forward to seeing you next summer Concentration Between brothers Beautiful Costa Ballena, let´s play football!

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